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SICAT Endo offers maximum diagnostic certainty for optimized treatment planning. You efficiently gain more reliable treatment results in a few steps.

The user-friendly software for optimum treatment planning: Easily identify the shape and length of all canals and exactly determine working length and depth of cavity access. SICAT Endo allows for the first time the matching of 2D intraoral images with 3D data. This is what SICAT Endo stands for!

  • Easy identification of all canals including shape and length, for increased planning security
  • Strategic and minimal-invasive treatment planning
  • Optimum diagnostic and patient communication due to manifold visualization options
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  • Utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE (STL)
  • Same-day guided endodontic surgery
  • Focused diagnostics due to unique 2D & 3D registration
  • Visualization of curved structures due to revolutionary endo-specific views
  • Integrated optical impressions for precise visualization of occlusal reference points and exact determination of working length and depth of cavity access in 3D
  • Planning and automatic alignment of drill canals with one click


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