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SICAT Air is the first software solution that allows for visualization and analysis of the upper airways in 3D. Constrictions, all airway parameters, and the airway volume are shown. The clear illustration clarifies the necessity of treatment in the consultation with the patient.

The software application for visualization and analysis of the upper airways in 3D: Directly display constrictions, illustrate the impact of therapy by airway comparison and receive a handout for patients and referring doctors with all relevant parameters.

  • Extended treatment options by simply integrating the software into the practice workflow
  • Easy airway analysis to recognize anatomical anomalies
  • Patient education with the integrated handout feature
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  • Endoscopy for visualization of the airways
  • Segmenting the airway with just a few clicks and automatic volume & surface calculation
  • Comparison of two segmented 3D scans to illustrate the therapeutic effect of mandibular advancement therapy
  • Colored visualization of constrictions
  • Integrated order function for a therapeutic appliance for targeted treatment


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