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Mission & Vision


Advancing digital dentistry and shaping the future of the dental industry.

Creating unprecedented opportunities for the dentist to increase efficiency and safety in the treatment process.

Our Mission

Innovation is what our company stands for. With application-oriented solutions, we are paving the way for advanced digital dentistry. All applications are based on different data sources: 3D X-rays, optical impressions, jaw movement data and 2D X-ray tooth images.

These data are specifically related to each other. After virtual planning and analysis in 3D, the dentist is provided with direct solutions for treatment. Quickly, reliably and safely, an optimal treatment result can be achieved.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Virtual treatment planning and computer-assisted implementation with patient-individual therapeutic appliances and surgical guides are becoming standard in dentistry.

By constantly expanding our product range and developing further application options, we continue to revolutionize digital dentistry and become the market leader in the field of dental software suite solutions. Setting trends – defining the direction – convincing with innovation!

Our Promise

The versatile SICAT solutions for implantology, functional dentistry, sleep medicine and endodontics stand for high quality and user-friendliness.

Therefore we invest in research and development in order to bring innovation to life together with our customers and make a contribution to improved dental care. For the satisfaction of doctor and patient.

Our Promise