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SICAT ENDO & ACCESSGUIDE MORE THAN 3D – the first dedicated guided endo solution

The first and only 3D solution for the diagnosis and planning of endodontic treatment, which can also support you in the realization of guided root canal treatment.

SICAT Endo – the user-friendly software for optimum treatment planning: Easily identify the shape and length of all canals and exactly determine working length and depth of cavity access. SICAT Endo allows for the first time the matching of 2D intraoral images with 3D data. This is what SICAT Endo stands for!
SICAT ACCESSGUIDE – together with SICAT Endo the first dedicated guided endo solution. Even calcified canals can be accessed minimally invasive and with a reduced risk of perforation. The highly precise surgical guide allows for faster, safer and more predictable endodontic treatment planning.

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